Whew! Anyone else ready for a break???

Diane Hidey —  January 8, 2012 — 1 Comment

After a whirlwind of Christmas activities, I am back home. Now for most people, that is probably a really good thing, but for me, it just means I have been working crazy trying to catch up on all the things that didn’t get done during my 2 week vacation. Mind you, I am not complaining about the 3 day trip with my two sisters or the extended family holiday celebration…..BUT, no one did any of my work while I was gone. You know what I mean, the Christmas decorations are still up. The basement is still a wreck. The laundry is waiting, the dishwasher is full….I could go on and on 🙂

Whew! But really, isn’t that life? Life is what you make it. I LOVED being with my family and I LOVE my job. So, I am heading into the fast paced work week with a smile. There were so many laughs, so much fun and lots of loving memories made during two weeks in December. I think that will get me through the next 12 months! Life is to be lived with no regrets. I don’t mind the extra work around the house, after all I got to see sites like this for 3 days in Williamsburg.

And there was a wonderful performance of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens great-great grandson. A one man show and an incredible 5 course meal! Love!

And, the best thing of all was the celebration of Jesus’ birth. A perfect time to show and share love with the family….and we did it for a whole week! I think this picture of Mom with her kids sums up the week!

I am working through a long To Do list, but the smiles from my pictures make it easy to work a little longer, make a few extra trips to the basement and watch the laundry pile grow! I hope you are settled back into your routine with memories of all the great things of the Christmas celebration.


PS–the tree is still up and may stay up for another week or two–why take it down til the needles start falling off!? ! I love Christmas!

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