When is it time to WIN WEN? Now! #NSXmas

Diane Hidey —  November 18, 2013 — 69 Comments

I am sure you have seen the infomercial for Wen Hair Care products.If not, let me tell you a few great things about the Wen line. WEN® uses a perfect blend of herbs and natural ingredients for more strength, manageability and color retention. I can attest my hair has benefited from the use of WEN…in all three areas. I have been using WEN for the past 4 months and there is definitely a better texture and I can tell the color is staying longer. (Did I just admit to the blogosphere I dye my hair!?) The other bonus for me is my style lasts longer. I will admit it is weird using a shampoo that does not lather. But once you get over the strangeness it’s all good! Lather, rinse and repeat.

Here are the main ingredients – (taken from their website)

Glycerin: A humectant that provides moisturizing benefits to the hair.
Chamomile Extract: Used for its soothing and calming properties.
Wild Cherry Bark: Formulated to help condition the hair.
Rosemary Extract: Designed to soothe hair.
Panthenol: Designed to help strengthen hair and restore resilience.

Many formulas and fragrances are available. I am a big fan of the seasonal ones – and I love sweet almond mint. One reader will win their own supply of WEN products pictured below, in Sweet Almond Mint: Cleansing Conditioner 16 oz, Styling Cream 12 oz, Replenishing Treatment Mist 6 oz, Strengthening Straightening Gloss 1.7 oz Retail Value $60.


If you want more information or want to order a free trial, please visit their website. Use the easy Rafflecopter form below to enter this giveaway AND then, check out the sweepstakes for a new NATURE’S SLEEP mattress! WEN giveaway is open to US only, 18 years and older.
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69 responses to When is it time to WIN WEN? Now! #NSXmas

  1. Julie Lynn Bickham November 18, 2013 at 10:28 AM

    I wash my hair every other day.

  2. I wash my hair every 3 days, unless it gets really dirty.

  3. I only use shampoo on it about every 4 days. I rinse and condition it daily.

  4. I have dry hair, so I usually wash it 3 times a week.

  5. I wash mine everyday.

  6. Stephanie Phelps November 18, 2013 at 1:31 PM

    I wash my hair every other day!

  7. I wash my hair Daily

  8. i wash my hair everyday

  9. i wash my hair every other day.

  10. I wash my hair once a day

  11. every other day

  12. I wash my hair twice a week and rinse everyday.

  13. Used to wash my hair every morning but then my hair started falling out and was stressed, now I was every third day. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  14. I usually wash my hair every second day. I, also, have to color, as I am almost completely grey. Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity. Keep up the terrific blogging.

  15. I wash mine every other day

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  16. I wash mine every 3 days.

  17. Usually every third day. Wash, nothing, rinse, wash…

  18. Jeana O’donnell-Murphy November 23, 2013 at 1:04 AM

    Every other day wash and condition

  19. Every three days for my dry, curly hair!

  20. i usually wash my hair every other day. in winter I might go a bit longer…summer..maybe every day.

  21. Usually every other day sometimes daily.

  22. I wash my hair every other day.

  23. i wash my everyday thanks

  24. Colleen Boudreau November 25, 2013 at 4:32 PM

    Almost every day.

  25. Depends on the time of year. Summertime=Every day. Winter Time=Every Other Day.

  26. I wash it usually every other day

  27. I wash my hair every other day

  28. jodi frasier/lasher November 30, 2013 at 1:32 AM

    I was my hair every day. Thanks for the giveaway

  29. I wash it every day!

  30. I wash my hair every day.

  31. I wash my hair every other day.

  32. I typically wash it about 4 days a week.

  33. I wash it every day!!

  34. I wash mine everyday.

  35. I have to wash my hair everyday

  36. I wash my hair every other day. Thanks.

  37. I wash my hair every other day

  38. I wash my hair daily.

  39. I wash it every other day.

  40. I wash mine every other day otherwise it would be too dry.

  41. I wash my hair once a week as I had an accident and have trouble using my arms.

  42. I wash my hair almost every day.

  43. I washed my hair daily when I was younger, but as I have gotten older it is a little drier, so I wash it every other day.

  44. I wash mine every day.

  45. My hair is thick and tends to frizz so I usually only wash it every two or three days. It actually looks best and is more manageable if I don’t wash it every day.

  46. usually every other day

  47. Usually it’s every other day depending on my schedule.

  48. I was my hair every 3 days or so as otherwise it gets too dried out and frizzy.

  49. Usually everyday unless I plan on curling it then it has to be a little dirty or my curl falls out.

  50. I try and wash my hair every other day.

  51. I wash my hair daily

  52. I wash it every other day.

  53. I’m bald…. but my daughter washes her hair twice a day!

  54. When I’m working I wash every morning. Right now I’m not working so every other day.

  55. krista grandstaff December 15, 2013 at 10:33 PM

    I wash it every other day, but wet it in the shower every day – I have very short hair and often wake up with a “faux hawk” 😉

  56. I wash my hair every other day usually.

  57. I wash my hair every day. I know that’s too often, but it’s curly and I have Crazy Hair when I wake up in the morning.

  58. I wash my hair every other day

  59. once in 2-3 days

  60. I only wash my hair twice a week because I color my hair red and it fades

  61. I shampoo every other day. It gets dry if I wash my hair every day. Thanks for having this contest.

  62. I wash my hair every two weeks or if its really dirty once a week.

  63. every day it gets real oily quick

  64. Usually once a day, otherwise it gets really oily.

  65. I wash it two-three times a week.

  66. 3 times a week.
    Thanks for the contest.

  67. Every other day. Thank you for a fantastic giveaway xx

  68. I wash my hair every day.

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