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Have you ever sat and watched a digital clock move from one minute to the next? Sometimes I do it when I am so tired and CAN’T fall asleep. Sometimes it is waiting for a friend to show up for a meeting. Time never stands still and it never speeds up! Right now our family is waiting on a BABY! My godchild is one week shy of her due date. The waiting has begun. We had a Baby Shower! She has finished the baby’s room and it is beautiful. The baby has moved into position. She feels ready, but doesn’t feel any contractions! And so we wait…

Looking Good!!

What are you waiting for today? Is there a friend you want to see? Do you have a hard appointment coming up this week and the anticipation is eating at you? Are you hoping and waiting for good news? Are you excited about an upcoming trip/vacation? Whatever it is, remember this….we can’t hurry time. We can’t let anxious thoughts consume us. Take a deep breath. The baby will come! Wait. God is in control!!

Diane Hidey

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18 responses to Waiting…..

  1. Diane, thanks for sharing this great reminder. Karen (Eaton) grothe

  2. Aww great post! But i guess i’m biased : ) It IS hard to wait.. but its good to stop and remember that everything happens in Gods timing and I wouldnt want it any other way! Thanks for the reminder : )
    Rachel- the mommy to be!

  3. Thanks for the great post here…The reminder really helps…

  4. I absolutely LOVE that nursery!

    • Lisa I have a few more pics to post of the nursery- it is gorgeous and all of it was done with the help of friends, Craigs List and Ikea!

  5. I agree that reminders are healthy for us and I think this is a good post to share…

  6. Sarah/USAlovelist February 20, 2012 at 8:59 PM

    Cute Nursery… i am waiting for summer!

  7. So adorable! And the crib skirt is cute!

  8. I can’t wait for summer now…Thanks for this one!

  9. This is definitely very helpful…Thanks a lot!

  10. Like the nursery. Thanks for the great post here. The reminder really helps.

  11. Brenda W. Scott February 21, 2012 at 11:50 PM

    True! Waiting for something is really hard, what more for a baby! You’ll feel so excited to see your new born baby..

  12. This kind of idea is really cute I will share to my friend because she had a baby boy..

  13. I can say that its full of inspiring means, just like what I have experience last 3 years… Without patience and faith from God we never blessed a lovable son..I became a wife, about 10 years but we been blessed and getting pregnant in waiting 7 years…

  14. The ideas are all awesome and for me, this is a good idea for a baby boy too…

  15. Your not alone my dear, I am socially happy in my marriage for 8 years but then again were not blessed with a baby… I always raised with God and wishing for his virtual blessings…

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