The reach of cancer

Diane Hidey —  February 24, 2016 — 4 Comments

I have not been a faithful blogger and the truth is, I am OK with it. In the past 18 months so many things have changed in my family. My sister Janice was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast cancer, which has traveled to her bones. When we got that diagnosis June of 2014 everything in our family changed. Suddenly things of this world were dim and things of the eternal were bright. Janice has been in the care of a great team and her cancer has not grown. We are thankful she has responded well to a drug (administered via a shot once per month). Janice’s cancer responds well to hormone therapy, effectively blocking cancer’s ability to grow off the hormones in her body.

She does not need chemo at this time. AND the great part is there are many options available for Stage 4 cancer patients. Seems hormone based cancer is where most of the experimental drugs are being tested and where more drugs have been put into use by the FDA.

Janice and I ended up spending a few weeks at the beach that summer and it was life giving for her. Family rallied around her. Friends showed up in droves to minister to her and pray for her. I am so grateful for her and how hard she is fighting to prolong her life. Stage 4 cancer is terminal. The inevitable can be delayed, but cannot be beat… this time. We purchased a small condo at the beach and were able to spend distracting time redoing the 1980’s beach decor. I will post pictures later 🙂

The other major distraction to blogging was MY diagnosis of Triple Negative Breast cancer this past July. I have undergone a double mastectomy, expander insertion and am in the middle of chemo treatments. We caught mine early enough and there is hope of a full recovery. I will be posting more about my cancer journey. But in the meantime, please stick with me. I may not post as many great deals or opportunities, but I will post about hope in the midst of struggle and I know many of you could use the encouragement.



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4 responses to The reach of cancer

  1. My thoughts are with you guys!

  2. It has been quite a journey. I am thankful you are my sister and that we are in God’s hands.

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