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I know….not enough visitors. And they didn’t take enough candy. Isn’t that always the case? I buy more than I need and there it sits in a bowl…right by the door…and I hear it say, “Pick me up! Eat me!” Oh those evil, delicious morsels of chocolate-y goodness!

Well, after years of eating too many of those tiny snack size bars, I found a solution to put them to use! There are lots of good recipes for mini candy, but since I love Snickers–here’s my take on a great SNICKER’S TREAT!

Take your favorite brownie mix and prepare according to the package. Line 24 mini muffin with paper liners. Spoon in enough batter to cover the bottom. Place an unwrapped SNICKERS® Mini on top. Spoon on enough mix to cover the candy. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Let set in pan to cool for 10 minutes. Remove to serving tray. These are also a perfect treat to freeze and serve later!


Let me know if you find any other great recipes for all that leftover candy!! In the meantime – enjoy these treats- but just one at a time OK? 🙂


October is over! I don’t have much candy left. I’m taking down some of the pumpkin decorations today…and that makes me a little sad. October is such a fun month. There are sunny days, it usually always warms up at some point. I get to wear my favorite outfit- shorts and a sweatshirt. I love the crisp smell of the air in the mornings. The leaves are beautiful, the chestnuts fall and I am inspired to clean the house.

SO…I guess it means I am not a big fan of November. I do like Thanksgiving and my birthday is next week, but the rest of November is only there so we can get to Christmas. I have never really decorated for Thanksgiving. I do remember a very old set of pilgrim candles my Mom owned. They evoke the kind of memory that makes me want to stop writing this blog and go to eBay and see if I can find them. Ever had that problem? I want to own all the things that bring back memories. But the funny thing is, I just spent 2 weeks cleaning out my basement and bedroom. In the process I gave away bags and bags of clothes, boxes of things I no longer need. AND I just fear wanting all of them back in 10 years!! 🙂

So,welcome to November! It’s the sad month when I will have to get rid of almost 100 bags of leaves. Yes, I also have to get said leaves into a bag…..thank goodness for wonderful high school friends who will spend a day helping! November is the month that ushers in Christmas. It’s the month where I will eat fun some forbidden food (on my birthday and on Thanksgiving…more on those meals later!). So November, maybe this year I will enjoy you a little more!

my yard!

a view of my yard last year

Last night a group of 14 teenagers descended on my house for a sleep-over. Once each semester there is some kind of fun, late night and little sleep gathering at my home. In the spring it was a ROM COM MARATHON. From 9pm to 6am we watched one Romantic Comedy after the other, with the required breaks for lots of food and caffeine. This year we held a Fall Film Fest–oh So Fetch! If you have seen Mean Girls (and I have seen it over 30 times…not by choice!) you will recall that one of the female characters tends to say FETCH too much. And I knew we were going to watch Mean Girls, hence the ‘so Fetch!’

After arrivals, loud noise and lots of snacks, I began hooking up the DVD player so we could watch Mean Girls. We always watch it first. Maybe someone was watching over me, because I could not get a picture on the TV. Then I got a picture, but no color. Sound, no picture. Fuzzy picture and screeching noises. It went on and on. I was putting the Red, White and Yellow into every hole in the back of the TV. The big problem was that there was also a green and blue input on the back of the TV. After about 20 minutes I gave up. Enter a high school sophomore, full of confidence. After 10 minutes, she declared that something was wrong with my TV. Next up, two girls who tried again and again, plugging into the TV, then into the front of the cable box…..such tension in the air. What would we do without Mean Girls?

Eventually I said we should stop trying and I would just find Mean Girls on my On Demand. Nope! Not there! Horrors on the faces of 14 girls. How could such a classic be missing from VOD?! Now what do we pick? A group of these girls are in the theater program at the school and they wanted to watch a musical. I let them choose and suddenly I found myself paying for Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Seriously? I couldn’t believe it. That is not my first choice of ‘good old’ musicals, but we watched it. We laughed at the premise, tried to guess when a character was going to break out in song, imitated the high kicks and jumps of the guys and ahhhhhed at the sweet and sappy ending. Next up- break for food before we pick the next movie.

While we were eating and fixing coffee in the kitchen, a late arrival began setting up the Wii. No one told her that we hadn’t been able to use any of the inputs. Suddenly I heard the Wii intro sounds and looked into the room-Color, Sound? YES! Not sure what she did, but it worked! Yes! Wii Danced and Danced! At the end, with lots of girls near exhaustion from dancing so much and laughing, we hooked up the DVD player and put in a movie.

Yes, I watched Mean Girls last night. I found myself saying the lines along with the movie (and every girl in the room). I survived and I must say, the only reason it was tolerable was probably because it was 3am!!

I’m a little sleep deprived, but I’m wondering…..if you had to pick a musical to watch, what would you choose?


I know–what does that mean? NaBloPoMo is BlogHer‘s November event. Blog every day! They have some great prizes and a place to link up your post and read new blogs! Should be a fun adventure. Here’s hoping I can do it every day.

They are creating blog prompts for Monday through Friday, so on those days, when I don’t know what to write about, I will use their prompts! Even though I already posted for November 1, I thought I would answer their question from Day 1. What is your favorite part about writing?

I love to tell a story. Sometimes when I am trying to decide what to write about here, I am often drawn to personal stories. I love to paint a picture of the scene, the people, the action. I enjoy putting words together to draw a reader or listener into the story. It seems like I have a lot to say, so usually my biggest problem is trying to edit it down. But the real favorite part of writing, is creating something that will live forever! Words don’t end. Words have meanings that are full and deep. So, as I post each day this month, I hope to find new ways to draw you in to the story!

Can’t wait to write more!!!