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When I made the switch from a free blog hosted on “blogger” to a self-hosted Word Press blog I did it myself with the help of one blog. Tentblogger had the best step by step information for a real novice like me. I loved John Saddington’s simple approach to presenting the how-tos and the whys. I purchased a domain name and found a server–through his recommendation. And once on my own, I purchased the Standard Theme, from 8bit and John and have never looked back.

So, when John started on a new venture, I was hooked. His name was on it, his vision was driving it AND finally, a program that would give me the best control over my pictures. PRESSGRAM, as featured in the short video clip above is out to take on Instagram and Facebook. Not in any kind of bad, evil way, but a way which helps people like me post great pictures for all to see. There will be cool filters, easy access and best of all, total control of the pictures. If you have a Word Press blog and post pictures and you love the filters and quick posting of Instagram–you will love Pressgram. One of the main issue for bloggers is the control of their pictures. I do not like the new policies on Instagram and Facebook, in regards to ownership of my pictures, so I can’t wait til this program is a reality!

I loved the idea so much I decided to back the program on Kickstarter. I didn’t have much to invest, but I invested enough to get a few free e-books from John on blogging. I will never know enough 🙂

So, please check it out. We are in the final push to reach $50,000 and we need your help. If you have any questions about the program, John is great at providing the details you need. Hopefully, I will be posting pictures via Pressgram SOON!!

PS– a big shout-out to Andrew Mason for creating the promo video above! Great job!