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Those leaves look so peaceful don’t they? Well, my fall has been anything but peaceful. If you have been following me for a while, you know that I like to post a few times every week. I knew that my work schedule would go a little crazy once the school year started, but I had no idea how crazy it would get.

At the end of September, while my Mom was staying at my home, we had to rush her to the hospital. After 6 days of tests and very few answers, Mom was moved to a rehab facility to try to regain her strength and movement. She possibly had a stroke, but no conclusive results because of her pacemaker. She ended up staying in rehab for four weeks. My week consisted of frequent trips to visit and still trying to get all my work done. The therapists felt Mom did better when a family member was present for their sessions. We alternated and worked out a schedule where us kids could be with her. Of course, I loved hanging out with her and helping her relearn to walk, dress, eat and interact. After the four weeks, she was not back to her baseline of ability, but we felt she had made great strides. Mom and my sister are moving to a new home at the end of November, so in the meantime, she and Mom have moved in with me. Mom is getting ‘in home’ therapy sessions with the physical, occupation and speech therapists. It’s a busy and crazy schedule around here.

We survived ‘Sandy’ and even kept our power on the whole time. We were more fortunate than many of my other friends in the Northeast. My heart broke as I heard stories of friends in NY who lost their entire first floor and it pained me to see the pictures of New Jersey. I lived in Princeton for 5 years and spent many weekends and summer days at the shore. The pictures were so hard to watch!

So, even before I add in the two big events I ran this fall, a fund-raising Banquet and a fund-raising 5K race…I had a full plate. No regrets here though, I’m just thankful Mom did not have a debilitating stroke or a heart attack or some other life altering illness. We are hopeful this round of therapy will help her continue to walk and care for herself as much as she can.

SO…that’s why I have been silent. Not out of apathy, but out of necessity. I am back and the mad dash has slowed down. So, I will be posting more frequently. I have a giveaway for a $25 Target Gift Card coming up this week and a few other great reviews and giveaways this month.

AND let’s not forget that the Most Wonderful Time of the Year is coming soon! Mom loves Christmas music, so to keep her spirits up and to give her a sense of security we played Christmas carols in the rehab center. We got a few looks from some of the staff, but they saw how it brightened Mom’s spirit. We are now playing carols in the house. After all, the mall is full of decorations and holiday sales already, so I’m just trying to keep up! Can’t wait to get out the decorations!!

Thanks for being patient and for coming back to read!!!