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 I have a love/hate relationship with bugs. You know what I mean….I HATE them and HATE killing them, hence the love/hate. I have to close my eyes to step on a bug and then I make a loud noise because I hate the sound/feel of the squish. So, when I was sent a package from Combat, I was delighted to try their products.

I received two packages of Combat Source Kill MAX, their gel and their baits. I had used baits before and found them to be pretty effective, but not so pretty on the counter or within sight. So I loved the combination of the two. My biggest problem with ants is here:

The pesky ants crawl up the side of the house and stream into the kitchen through this window. I never liked putting a bait trap on the sill, so I put them under the counter near the sill. Then I used the gel around the cracks in the sill. The gel is very easy to use, it’s in a syringe. There was no noticeable odor and within a day or two, the ants stopped marching in! Yay Combat! Here is some information from their website

How Combat® Source Kill Max Ant Killing Gel Works:

Ants take the gel and return to the colony

Ants feed the bait to the larvae and the queen, killing the colony.

I like the idea of taking the bait to the colony. It worked for me and maybe it will work for you because one of you is going to win a box of Combat Source Kill Max Ant Killing Gel of your own. Must be over 18, a resident of the US. (no P.O. Box)

You can also sign up for their newsletter and get a $1.00 off coupon for future use!

Please use the easy Rafflecopter form to enter. This contest ends September 18 at midnight EST.

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