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Fall in Love with Scentsy!

Diane Hidey —  September 2, 2012 — 3 Comments

I am so excited – the new Scentsy Fall Catalog is here. I have fallen in love with several Warmers and a few of the new scents are so yummy!! If you are not familiar with Scensty, let me give you a little history before I show you some of my new favs!

Scentsy began with a simple idea – a safe alternative to scented candles. It just makes sense for me. Why light a candle to add a scent to the room? Why risk the dangers of open flames around pets, kids and crazy relatives (just kidding about the relatives)? I love to have a warm home and I often thought I had to keep a candle or two burning to add an ambiance to the room. Sometimes we need to cover over smells–a pet, stinky shoes, cooking odors and the like. A room spray is nice, but sometimes it just doesn’t last long enough. When I discovered the smart way of Scentsy, I was sold on it.

Simple, decorative and beautiful warmers designed to melt scented wax with the heat of a small light bulb–such a great alternative to a wick and flame. Not to mention there are no longer soot marks on the wall above my mantle. Trust me, it is hard to scrub off and in my last home, I had to repaint the entire room to get rid of all the soot!

For more information about the products and for information about ordering or becoming a consultant, please visit Light Your World for details. Now on to some of my favorite products!


   Top Left: Warmer of the Month for September Pumpkin Mid-Size on sale for $27 and it’s lidded!

  • Top Right: Plug-In Warmer Pinon $20
  • Bottom Left: Bandeau Full Size Warmer $35
  • Bottom Right: Durango Mid-Size Warmer $25

There are some fun holiday warmers and scents too. You can get this fun Halloween warmer – and the best part is you can get other top layers for it. This one sells for $40. Individual silhouettes are $12. AND there are Christmas ones available!

And now for some of my favorite scents.

  • Black Raspberry Vanilla (Delicious, sun-sweetened dark berries warmed with vanilla.)
  • Perfectly Pomegranate (Dark and juicy pomegranate with a sweet berry finish; this is a classic.)
  • My Home (Spicy cinnamon and a floral scent–a must try.)
  • Buckleberry (A bite of summer’s bounty: bursting fresh berries atop a buttery blanket of crumbly coffeecake.)
  • Cinnamon Vanilla (Inviting blend of vanilla beans, cinnamon, coconut and cassia.)
  • Dulce De Leche (A silky-sweet golden custard of sugary caramel, rich cream, and just a touch of warm vanilla.)
  • Iced Pine (As refreshing as a walk through newly fallen snow: green fir and pine, kissed by icy peppermint.)
  • Frosted Ginger Cookie (Chewy brown sugar cookie spiked with warming ginger and fragrant vanilla.)
  • French Toast (A perfect, light slice of bread dunked in golden egg batter, dusted with powdered sugar, and finished with a swirl of sweet maple syrup.)
  • Hazelnut Latte  (Frothy steamed milk, toasted hazelnuts, espresso, and vanilla with a dusting of cinnamon.)
  • Ace (Definitely unexpected: tangerine and lavender enrobed in dark chocolate and sweet, musky amber.)
  • Sheer Innocence (Sweet and youthful: lush orchid, green freesia, and wild violet infused with a trace of spicy ginger.)
  • Just Breathe (Breathe deeply as soothing eucalyptus, zesty lemon, and a medley of mints comfort and rejuvenate.)
  • Cucumber Lime (Cool, refreshing blend of mellow cucumber and tangy lime.)

Scents are available individually for $5 per bar. Or you may order 6 bars and get one FREE!

So, what do you think? See anything you would like? You can check out the full catalog at Light Your World. If you are interested in purchasing anything, please contact me via email ( for my Monthly Specials (and they are good!) Plus, if you want to HOST a party, I have a September Host Special also. If you do not live nearby, I can set you up to Host a Basket Party-check out my NOTE on the FB tab! I hope you Fall into Scentsy also!!