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Some in our society might think teens are self-centered and shallow. I met 90 teens this summer that are just the opposite. I spent a month working and serving with a group of high school and college students at Young Life’s Lake Champion. This short video chronicles what they did and why they did it! I am so grateful I was there! It changed lives forever–including mine.

I have always had a happy/sad relationship with Labor Day. When I was a kid, it was the last holiday before school started. I was usually so excited to get back to school because it meant constant time with my friends. I never saw enough of my friends in the summer, so getting to go back to school (even with the work) seemed like such a great thing. But the sad part was always–vacation is OVER! No more sleeping in, no more beach days, sleep-overs and so much more!

Now that I am older and working, I don’t have the same level of  excitement or dread about the coming Fall. Some of the same things still make me sad–no more beach days, having to wear shoes, it’s going to get cold and we will get snow! On the bright side, I do have a few Fall traditions that still ‘excite’ me.

  • Open the windows! I love fresh air and with the weather changing a bit, I can actually open the windows in the morning and evening.
  • Re-sort my clothes. Summer clothes get a final cleaning and then most are packed in a bottom drawer for the year.
  • Drink Pumpkin Spice Coffee. My favorite brand is by Timothy’s and I am just waiting for CoffeeMate to bring out their Pumpkin Spice Creamer!
  • Buy a new calendar. I know, I am not in school, but I LOVE walking through Staples or Target and looking at all the cool stuff available! I did splurge and buy a few new pens, but am still waiting for my calendar to arrive from Levenger.
  • Clean off my home office desk, get new file folders, get more organized (a 5 hour task this week!)
  • Yard work (OK, this does not really excite me, but I’ve got to get the summer overgrowth cut back before the leaves start falling!)
What’s on your To-Do List this weekend????

I am on a two-week vacation and today I have thought a lot about my childhood trips to this same place. I remember the excitement as we packed up the station wagon on a Friday night, piled in the four of us kids and headed Down the Ocean. I do not know where that phrase came from, but everyone heading to the beach used it. To this day I still say it….and I have lived near the Jersey Shore and the beaches of South Carolina. I did not change how I described a trip to any beach resort town. So I am Down the Ocean for a much-needed break.

I am enjoying the salt air, the Boardwalk, Thrasher’s Fries, Kohr’s Frozen Custard and of course–steamed crabs–lots of steamed crabs. I will travel by the old motel where we stayed. It has changed owners and changed names, the pool is long gone and I am sure our efficiency room doesn’t look the same. But I will drive by it and think about all the great times, the fun and the laughter. One story our family loves to retell is about my younger sister. When she was 4 years old she got it in her head that she wanted to learn how to swim. She practiced with my Mom. She jumped into my Dad’s strong arms in the deep end. One night as we returned from a visit to the Boardwalk, my sister disappeared. Mom heard a splash and ran up the steps of the pool. My sister had jumped into the deep end, clothes and all. My Mom immediately jumped in after her, clothes and all. My sister was laughing and my Mom was holding on to her for dear life. That sister is still the adventurous one. She has run a half marathon, taken a week-long horseback trip in Wyoming, started her own business, sews like a pro, I could go on….

Family. Memories. Vacations. Priceless moments in the life of a child. Still making those memories today.

What’s one of your favorite childhood vacation memories?

Enjoy this video that a few of my friends put together….if you are into any of the social media platforms…this will definitely make you laugh!!

Sunday Doodlings-Rest

Diane Hidey —  May 22, 2011 — 1 Comment
What are you doing right now? If you are reading this post you could be sitting in the house multitasking. You might be reading this on your phone while sitting outside enjoying the sun or watching your kids play at the park. Or it is Monday morning and you worked so hard on Sunday you didn’t get around to reading my blog. Did you rest any yesterday? Are you able to rest?

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I lived in the South for 16 years and one of the things I really appreciated and learned–was slowing down and taking a rest on Sundays! When I first moved there the city still had ‘Blue Laws’ – which meant that stores were closed on Sundays! What a shock…but I actually enjoyed it. I visited with friends, tarried over a home cooked lunch, created some great scrapbook pages and actually rested up for the remainder of the week.

Now on Sundays, I rush home from church to work on some projects I didn’t get to during the week. I have a hurried lunch and even catch up on some blog work. I am hoping to change! I want to plan better so I am not left with undone things on Sunday. I don’t want it to be the catch up day. I want to enjoy my family, rest, read, relax! On the seventh day God rested…I’m about to join Him! How about you? What’s your Sunday schedule? Could you use a little time on a bench with a beautiful view?