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Diane Hidey —  April 19, 2012 — 20 Comments

Welcome to the PARTY!!

If you are like me, you may just be a bit overwhelmed by all that is happening in this Ultimate Blog Party. This is my second year participating, so I am almost a pro :). Once again this year, I am offering a prize – you can find me in $50-99 group. I am giving away a Scentsy warmer and 4 scent packs.

Here are a few fun facts about me…..which will hopefully encourage you to stop back and linger a while longer! But today I know you are just here for a few minutes. Feel free to click on a link or poke around my pinterest board. If you leave a comment with a link I will follow you back via your blog, Facebook, twitter, etc! After all, it’s a party!

  • I am single and work full-time for a youth ministry—and I love my job!
  • I have 3 great siblings, 2 nieces and 2 nephews that I adore. These fun people will be prominent in some of my posts. (Latest Family Post – A New Baby)
  • The most important relationship in my life is my relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • You can expect a few posts about my latest deal or new find. I love trying new products and occasionally host a giveaway on my site. (Current Giveaway –  2 Tervis Autism Tumblers)
  • I love coffee and most of the time I create a masterpiece with CoffeeMate! (A Post about my coffee bar)
  • During my spare time I read, cook, scrapbook and take photos. I am not really that great at any of those things, but I love having hobbies and really enjoy trying new things. (Favorite DIY post A personalized iPhone case)
  • And this year I became a Scentsy Independent Consultant and I have really enjoyed being a part of this company.

Now, for a fun party recipe–this is an adaption of my Easter Gluten Free Treat.

Gluten Free Chocolate Snack Mix
2 cups Rice Chex (gluten-free)
2 cups Corn Chex (gluten-free)
1 cup honey roasted peanuts
1 cup mini marshmallows
1 cup M&Ms any variety!

1 cup chocolate chips (or use white chips)
Mix the top ingredients. Melt the chocolate and slowly pour over the mix. Lay out on a cookie sheet til it’s cool.

Here’s a picture of my Easter mix. Imagine the possibilities for any season – especially now that they make sooo many varieties of M&Ms!

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Diane Hidey

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I love to laugh, take pictures, find a bargain, hang with my friends, share my great finds, give advice and create moments that last for a lifetime! I am PR friendly and love to share my thoughts and opinions with others. If you are interested in sponsoring this blog or letting me do a review of your product, let me know!

20 responses to Stop Here for the Ultimate Blog Party ’12

  1. Hello! It’s so nice to meet you =) That snack looks very yummy.
    And welcome to the world Max!

  2. Hi There! Just passing through from the UBP! Very nice site that you have here! Great job! I’ve followed you on Pinterest & through Blog Frog. Feel free to check me out at these loccations:!/CraftWithKids

  3. Your snack mix sounds really yummy! Reading, cooking, scrapbooking, a taking pictures…sounds like a description of me, as well! Loving your blog so far, looking forward to reading more! 🙂

  4. Hi there,

    Nice to meet you. My first time to participate in UBP12, and I’m loving the opportunity to meet other Mommy Bloggers. Who knew we were such an articulate crowd? 😉

    Love your blog. If you have time, stop by caterpickles. A brief blurb so you’ll know what you’re getting into.

    Most of my blog focuses on the crazy questions my Five-Year-Old asks as she explores the world around her. When I’m not tracking down answers to her questions, I’m typing as fast as I can to document the funny stuff The Five-Year-Old says and the moments in which my parenting style totally breaks down. Lots of books get read and talked about too. Mostly on Thursdays.

    Hope to see you there sometime!

    My UBP12 post is here:

  5. Hello! I love the autism tumbler giveaway! Visiting from the blog party and following you on google plus! I am also a child-less blogger. If you have time, please check out my blog!

  6. Super-cute blog! I’m stopping by from the UBP12. It’s my first year and I’m only hoping I can get to all the blogs. I’m definitely trying that gluten free recipe.
    ~Laurie of Lulu and Daisy

    • Laurie–it can be kind of overwhelming, but the lists will stay up on the site forever–Last year was my first one and I still find myself going back to look for a certain blogger!! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. My husband and I spent many years in youth ministry.

    I am popping over from UBP to say hi. Hope your enjoying party week.


  8. Here from UBP12. Love the gluten free snack recipe. I’ll have to share it with my friends!

  9. Hi Diane! I love scentsy and I wanted to take some of that delicious looking chex mix right out of the cup! I’m glad I stopped by – I hope you are having fun! Party ON!

  10. #UBP12 Greetings from Sunny Philippines! Cheers to all coffeeholics & chocoholics like you and me! 🙂


  11. i am a new follower from the party i hope you’ll check out my blog follow and comment!

  12. Love your blog….so many creative seeing them all

    So much fun party hopping….meeting new friends and finding old ones…I just added another great prize to my giveaways…so now you have 3 good prizes…I would love for you to win. A comment is all it takes..Hope you will also stop by my Pinterest boards….I have over 900

  13. Stopping by from the UBP12! So glad to have found your site! I also love coffee and am so jealous of your awesome coffee bar!! Thanks so much for stopping by my page and sorry it took me so long to visit back! 🙂

  14. Hi, sorry it took me so long to visit you back. Thanks for coming over to my blog and leaving a comment during UBP 2012! In case you forgot, I am that blogger from Dubai! Nice to meet you! 🙂

    I will try that Gluten-free snack mix! Thanks!

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