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Diane Hidey —  December 10, 2011 — 23 Comments

I recently had the opportunity to test out a SodaStream Genesis. For over a year I entered many blog contests to win a SodaStream. I stopped at the local home goods store and looked at the display. I never bought one, but really wanted one…for all the reasons you might be wanting one. Tap water becomes carbonated water. Lots of available flavors. No more lugging home large soda bottles or awkward packs of cans. Did I mention the savings? How about making it the right flavor for you? Reduce and reuse. I could go on, but let me share my thoughts.

First, the set I got contained so many syrups and sample syrups. Regular and Diet. Tea and Juice. Flavored sparkling waters. I had a hard time deciding which to use first.

After unpacking the unit I watched a video online that showed the set-up process. I cleaned the eco-friendly, reusable soda bottle, filled it with water and pushed the carbonating button. I must confess the first time I did not screw the soda bottle onto the machine–oops! Well, big oops! After cleaning up the water, refilling the bottle, I started over and it was perfect. I added the diet root beer and surprised the guests with homemade soda!

This past weekend I had some friends over and they were eager to make soda also.  I explained the process and let them have at it! The proof is in the pictures. First batch was lemon-lime and no one could tell the difference between our soda and the ‘other’ kind!

Here is my take–easy to use. No electricity needed. C2O canisters are exchangeable at numerous stores. You can get extra syrups and bottles at many stores that sell home goods. The flavors are easy to add and taste very similar to those you can buy in a can! I love that part. No one noticed the difference and some actually commented on how it tasted much better than canned soda. Because flavors are made using no high-fructose syrups you actually save calories on regular flavors and all the diet varieties are made with Splenda.  The average cost of fixing a flavored soda is less than 25 cents for 12 ounces and the cost of one liter of sparkling water is about 25 cents. That’s a bargain and I don’t have to carry anything home from the grocery store. Soda Stream has over 25 varieties of flavors, including diet and regular, juices, teas, sparkling water and sparkling naturals. Something to please any soda drinker in your home. Each canister of gas makes over 60 liters of soda and the large syrup bottles will make the equivalent of 33 cans. All you store is a small syrup bottle and a slim Soda Stream, which by the way uses no electricity, so it is perfect for taking on trips. Just add cold water.

Want to buy one for yourself or a friend? Check out the Soda Stream site for ‘where to buy’. There are several varieties of SodaSream machines and different packages starting at $79.95. You may also purchase from their site, with guaranteed delivery if you order by December 18. Keep up on the latest SodaStream buzz and a giveaway going on next week….’like’ their page on Facebook.

My bottom line–this is a perfect gift for a family- kids, young and old will enjoy the process. Another great gift to bring the family together. Want a ‘green’ gift this year? Pick this one. If you want to enjoy better soda-chose the SodaStream!

FTC info — Disclaimer: I received the above product at no cost from SodaStream per my review….but my review is honest and my opinions are my own. I did not receive any other monetary or product compensation for this review. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”


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23 responses to Soda Stream – Refreshing, Quick, to the Rescue! #Review #GiftGuide

  1. I’ve have been curious about these sounds good.

  2. i would love to try it

  3. I wanna get one of these for my grandma for christmas, she just loves carbonated water.

  4. Very cool, I’ve always wondered about these machines!

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  6. awesome review

  7. showing some luv to your page making my daily comment for the $400 cash giveaway

  8. showing some luv to your page making my daily comment for the $400 cash giveaway today 12/17

  9. Merry Christmas

  10. Sounds like a great things for the kids.

  11. This looks interesting… something different!

  12. thanks 🙂

  13. This would make a cool family gift. The whole family can use it

  14. stopping by to say hi 🙂

  15. great article thanks !

  16. my daily entery fot the 400$ giveaway thanks fr the article

  17. Marie Frazier Czenkus December 21, 2011 at 2:35 PM

    Oh that is cool! And new to me!

  18. would luv to try this

  19. My daughter and my sister would LOVE this product. They are so green 🙂 It sounds very easy to use and I am going to be looking into it for sure.
    Thank you for the informative review of this product.
    -Dawn aka dawnmomoffour

  20. I want one SO bad!!!

  21. was interesting to learn more about this machine

  22. Great review of the Soda Stream! I like how you figured out the cost of a 12 ounce soda – much cheaper than plain old pop.

  23. SodaStream awarded environmental campaigner, author and clothes designer Lauren Conrad with the SodaStream UnBottle the World Award.

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