My world changed on 9-11. How about you?

Diane Hidey —  September 11, 2012 — Leave a comment

Katie Couric was still on the Today Show on NBC. I was living in Bowling Green Ohio. Katie and Matt suddenly sounded worried. I thought it was just a small plane that hit the Twin Towers. I wondered how a plane got so off track. Never did I think it was deliberate. But then, reality hit. Tragedy. Terror. A Transfixed nation.

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Today, anyone over the age of 10 would immediately think Terrorism if they saw a plane fly into a building. Our world is changed. I have to plan for a delay when flying out of BWI. I pack differently. I wear socks so I don’t have to walk barefoot through the security check-point. I have a fascination for TV shows and movies that have terrorist as the protagonist. One of my favorite shows 24 may have seemed out of place prior to 9-11.

For a few weeks in 2001, I thought more about my family. I called more. I worried about flying. I became more patriotic. I was assured when I saw President Bush on TV. I was proud to be in a country that rallied and stuck together. I gave money to help the victims. I prayed more. I wondered if I would have been brave as those on Flight 93.

Some of those changes have stayed. We are inconvenienced when we fly, but I feel safer knowing someone is watching for signs of trouble. I probably don’t have the same level of patriotism. I don’t look at foreigners with a skeptical eye. I still love being an American and love feeling safe. But, I wonder how our government would be different today, if there had never been a tragedy on 9-11. Which wars, on foreign soil, would we be fighting? How would we have used all the money we have spent fighting terrorism and protecting our country? Maybe we would have missed the recession. Perhaps we would have fought the war on poverty or child sex trafficking. I don’t know, I just know this….my world changed that day. And after 11 years, I still can’t get some of the images out of my mind.

How about you? Do you see these changes? What else has changed in your world? I’d love your comments. And please check out my post for the 10th anniversary of 9-11.

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