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Although I am a huge fan of Christmas, today is my favorite day of the year. I am celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus. For those of the Christian faith today is the day to remember the reason for the Christmas Child. Christ came into the world as a baby and he left the world as a Savior. More than a good teacher, although his teachings are remarkable, his death on the Cross made it possible for me to know real love. His triumph over death makes it possible for me to know real life–here and forever. His example of how to live, to serve, to see the poor and to love others changes the way I live. I make different choices now. I see people the way the Creator sees them and I am moved to make a difference in this world. It’s not an easy path, but the blessings along the way make my joy complete.

It all started with a simple prayer and it has led to life well-lived. It began a transformation in my life and heart and it is not over. He holds me in His hand and calls me His beloved. I hope you know He loves you too!

Happy Easter.


Is this happening in your home this morning?


I am visiting my sister for the holidays, so as we were getting ready to prepare the eggs, we got into a good debate about how to make the perfect hard-boiled egg. I remembered my post from last year, so we referred to it. Perhaps you are searching for the perfect recipe….if so. please check out Hard Boiled Eggs – Perfect every Time from last year.

Do you have any favorite hints for boiling eggs or dye them? Please put a link in the comments. And seriously, why don’t we dye eggs more often—it is so fun!

March Means Green!

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Are you ready for the SPRING? I know I am. The snowstorm on Wednesday, although not as big as expected, still made me crave SPRING!

In addition to the beginning of bright flowers, green grass, cool breezes and open windows…it is also the month of St Patrick’s Day. If you are looking for a few fun ideas for the day, please check out my Pinterest Page for March Madness.


Fun Chocolate Pretzel Drops


 Irish Trifle


 March Madness Cake!!

What do you do for St Patrick’s Day? Any favorite ‘green’ treats? Do you have a Pinterest Board for March? Leave your link in the comments!

The creator of the Reality TV genre has produced the ultimate Reality Show. Mark Burnett (creator of Survivor, The Apprentice and others) has joined with his wife Roma Downey (famous for her role in Touched by an Angel) to produce an epic 10-part miniseries retelling stories from the Bible for this generation. The epic, first reality story!

I have seen clips and it looks fascinating. Filmed in exotic locations with wonderful visual effects and true to the Bible. This series makes for perfect family viewing. Perhaps you are very familiar with the Bible–I think you will be inspired by this retelling. If you are not sure how you feel about God and the Bible, can I challenge you to take a look? I can say with great confidence The Bible is the one book I read every day and never tire of the words in it! Live. Love. Peace. Joy. Sacrifice. Hope. It’s all there. I can’t wait to watch this portrayal of the Greatest Story Ever Told.

The Bible series premieres on the History Channel on March 3rd at 8PM. If you would like a digital copy of a Bible viewing party kit, head to

Check out the Bible-Scene Quiz below. Or take the challenge and share the Good News with a few of your friends! Take a look at the clip below! And then enter the giveaway below for a free copy of one of the following: A Story of God and All of Us (hardcover), A Story of God and All of Us (reflections book) or A Story of God and All of Us (Young Readers).

Enter the contest in the easy Rafflecopter below. Click on continue reading at the end of the post. Winner will be chosen by and will have 24 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. Contest ends midnight EST March 18th.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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No matter how many roses, cards and candies you get today, don’t forget who FIRST loved you!!
Enjoy the day and all it holds for you and your loved ones!!